Class Offerings

Find out more about each of our fitness classes below!


Barre fuses elements of Ballet, Yoga, Aerobics and Pilates, focusing on low-impact & high-intensity movements. You will see improvements in your posture, flexibility, overall body strength, and balance. No dance experience necessary. 


Balletone blends body toning and postural alignment work with flexibility. This class incorporates classical Ballet & Contemporary dance inspired movements, Strength Training, Pilates, Yoga, Body Conditioning, and cardiovascular endurance. No dance experience necessary.

Mobility Flow

Mobility Flow, unique to 401fitness Studio, is a gentle, steady sequence of movement, stretches, poses and muscle isolations. Moving the body through these dynamic positions will target stability, control, and positional awareness. You will finish feeling revived and ready to start your day.


Zumba is a form of aerobic dance exercise that combines Latin and international music with dance rhythms. Zumba routines focus on high-energy cardiovascular training in a fun and party-like atmosphere. 

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold takes the popular Latin dance inspired workout of Zumba and makes it accessible for seniors, beginners, or others needing modifications in their exercise routine.

Zumba Toning

 Zumba Toning combines body sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio with Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching, strength training fitness party. Students learn how to use lightweight toning sticks to enhance rhythm and tone target zones.

Power Hour (New Class!)

Power Hour is packed with 30 minutes of high-intensity toning of the glutes and lower body muscles groups, followed by 30 minutes of Zumba Toning. A full-body, choreographed and upbeat workout.


 Tabata is a 40-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that consists of four sets of fast-paced exercises, each performed for 20 seconds with a brief rest of 10 seconds.

Pumped Up Strength (New Class!)

Pumped Up Strength workout utilizes combination movement patterns in a targeted, rhythmic progression. Its superpower is the dynamic integration of upper and lower body movements set to fun music.

Active Aging

Active Aging is a low-impact workout that addresses balance, flexibility, and strength for active seniors, beginners, or others needing modifications in their exercise routine.This class can be performed in a chair or standing.

TRX (New Class!)

TRX is a full-body resistance workout using Suspension Training mechanisms and body-weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.

 (New Class!) Groove & Tone

Groove & Tone is a low-impact, light cardio, and strength training workout perfect for beginners, participants needing modifications, and the active senior. This class can be performed using the assistance of a chair, the ballet barre or free standing.